Merkuro - 100% carbon Nordic walking sticks

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  • Comfortable grip: Thanks to 100% natural cork and the all-around cork design, the hands remain pain-free even after the longest walking tours
  • Extended freedom of movement: Thanks to the built-in click system, the glove can be separated from the stick with one hand
  • Light as a feather and robust: 100% 3K carbon give the Merkuro its low weight without sacrificing stability
  • Equipped for every terrain: Thanks to the numerous, robust accessories available, no bumpy road or winter will hold you back
  • No tip break: Due to the diamond-like hardness of the tungsten carbide tip, there is no need to buy a new one due to tip breakage
  • Annoying rummaging ended: Thanks to the specially made, waterproof carrying bag with accessory compartment, you will always find your accessories