• <transcy>Seeing body and equipment as one</transcy>

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<transcy>Why PanDurance?</transcy>

Why not everyone else? We work with the greatest motivation on simplifying great people's lifes, like yourself and developing high quality, durable sports equipment. We have made it our mission to always think one step ahead, because to rest on your success does not mean you stay ahead but you will fall behind!

We don't value, providing you with our products and then not hearing from you ever again. We want to establish a meaningful connection to our customers and offer them a helping hand when needed. We all know that true friendship shows itself when going through tough times, which in sports are just around the corner. We will be with you!

<transcy>Our top model: Merkuro</transcy>

The Merkuro is our top model for nordic walking. It is as comfortable as it is light with a 100% 3K carbon fiber base material and an all around natural cork handle. If you are looking for a high quality, length adjustable walking sticks with all-inclusive equipment and the best price-performance ratio for casual walkers, then the Merkuro is just right for you!

<transcy>A bit closer to nature</transcy>

<transcy>Extracting the best from the racing world</transcy>

<transcy>A striking stick for casual walkers</transcy>

"The sticks are easily adjustable, the accesories are more than plentiful. The stiffness of the carbon fiber material is given and the carrying bag is high-quality. Because of that there should be no shoulder pain."
Robert Gassner

<transcy>The right sticks for beginners</transcy>

"Just the rigth sticks for beginners and casual walkers. Also becaues of all the accessories."

<transcy>Quality in spite of quantity</transcy>

<transcy>No searching needed</transcy>